We offer you the full scope of services for electric machinery. These include: preventive and corrective service and maintenance for electric motors, synchronous and asynchronous generators, as well as functional checks of controllers, control systems and protection devices.

Diagnostic and insulation measurements, laser-based checks, alignment work, vibration measurements and field balancing in operating electric machines belong to our daily business. The actual condition is logged and assessed. In the event of abnormalities, we advise you about any further required maintenance steps.

In case of malfunction, we conduct mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair work on generators and electric motors, where possible on-site.

We carry out the inspection and maintenance of your electrical equipment on ships and offshore platforms. In the process we conduct inventories on board and assess the actual state of your electrical equipment. We also carry out mega tests on ships, as well as the required VDE (association of German electrical engineers) inspections. We can advise you about the required service measures and will work out the right solution together with you.

We repair malfunctions to electrical motors, to shaft generators or auxiliary generators. Even with problems in the switchgear or control system, during start-up of larger machines or with synchronization, our ship service is available to you worldwide. We ensure quick replacement of your electric machinery or repair them if necessary in our electric machinery workshop.